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    What would be the reasons for track meta-data automatically apply themselves into the track ?

    I have a few songs, blank meta data so as to start fresh...

    I have imported few song(s), however the songs related to the albums are not on the iTunes Store. Yet the track number(s) themselves (under Get Info) are automatically filled in....

    What reason would this be ?

    I am not signed into the iTunes Store at the time this was done.
    These songs were not purchased from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, or any other with would have meta data in them. And they were cleared on any existing meta data prior to importing them into my library.

    My only conclusion is that although they may not be in the store in a given country, the meta data itself would get pulled from any other store...

    However i cannot confirm this is true........

    Is there any evidence of this ? The reason why i can to this conclusion, is i believes iTunes Match also matches across stores, yet can only just view the current one that's selected.

    However, in this my case, i do not use iTunes Match, i also found that info online, which led me to believe this too.
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