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Dec 4, 2008
I am using the newest version of iTunes on the base level retina MacBook and downloaded the HD version of Avengers and have a weird issue.

Every time I pause the movie and press play, I'll get the spinning wheel for about 15 seconds. It does this every time. It also does this when I try playing it from the start.

I tried reinstalling iTunes and tried using others movies and the issue is still happening.

Anyone having the same problem? I can live with it but would like to fix it if possible.



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Sep 10, 2012
RE: iTunes...pausing...


I don't have a solution, but rather I just wanted to let you know that this pausing for 15 seconds does not happen on at least one rMBP (mine) playing HD videos. I find no delay whatsoever. I don't believe you should be having this problem, in other words. Is your iTunes Library on your boot drive, or are you loading the videos over wireless, from the iCloud, or over the Internet?

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