iTunes movie service due in September

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Jul 4, 2004
Apple Computer in mid-September will announce that it plans to start offering movie downloads through its iTunes Music Store, according to BusinessWeek.

Citing unnamed sources, the publication on Thursday said Apple will charge $14.99 for new releases and $9.99 for older movies. The multi-level pricing tier was reportedly a compromise between motion picture studios and Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, whom had hoped to sell all flicks at a fixed rate of $9.99.

There's no way I'd pay that kind of money for a low-res DRM-infested file. I'd rather buy the DRM-infested DVD instead. ;)


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Jul 18, 2002
I accidentally my whole location.
According to BW, News Corp.'s Fox Entertainment Group may join in later, as might independent Lions Gate Entertainment. However, their involvement is said to be contingent on other studios joining the iTunes bandwagon. The remainder of the studios have reportedly passed on joining the service.
Its going to be a disaster if that last statement is true.
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