iTunes Movies & Apple TV...Vid Quality???


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Jun 29, 2007
Rochester, NY
Hey all just curious about the movies that one can purchase from the iTunes store and watch via Apple TV. Are these movies in HD? Ive converted a couple of small scenes from some DVDs of mine over to Apple TV and they look good, but not great. Is it true that Apple will eventually convert all of their stuff to HD for this reason? Why spend 12-15 dollars on a movie in iTunes if looks just okay when I can spend that at Best Buy and have it in full DVD quality? Thanks all.



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Apr 2, 2006
In my opinion, they are very good quality, and the convenience of having them compatible with the iPod/iPhone/:apple:tv and pc/mac without the hassle of conversions etc is cool. I have a 40" Sony Bravia LCD TV, and the movies/tv shows look very good when played over the :apple:tv. A lot of people whine that the quality is bad, but if you don't go pressing your face against the tv looking for every artefact, it is enjoyable to watch:)

I'm sure when Apple upgrades to HD movies, they'll allow you to pay a small fee for the upgrade, like they do with iTunes Plus songs.:)


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Mar 15, 2005
I agree a little bit that for the quality you're probably better off getting a DVD, unless you really hate having a physical disk to deal with. The quality is a lot better though, and you don't risk hard drives losing it (thought customer support would probably replace it for you on iTunes).

Right now I'd only buy a movie, if I needed a film right now, for some reason.

For the quality, I would rent if available. Furthermore, if they ever get HD content, I will buy regularly.

For now, TV shows and music videos are still cool though, IMHO. It's nice if you miss a TV show, or if you can't get a HD signal for a particular network in your house, to get the show in widescreen on iTunes.


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Sep 26, 2003
I love the way the TV shows look on my hdtv...I still prefer dvds to the movie downloads though...:)