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    I have 2 movies that are showing as doubled in iTunes, Deadpool and Star Wars Episode VII. Both of these were added using the code from their Blu-ray. I also added The Peanuts Movie about the same time and I am not having an issue with this one. On Apple TV, only one version is showing.

    Both have the one I have downloaded and one that's still in the cloud.
    For Star Wars:
    Downloaded is 5.98 GB, Protected MPEG-4 video file
    Cloud is 4.79 GB, Purchased MPEG-4 video file
    Both were purchased and added at the same time, the downloaded one is showing as modified as of right now, but I haven't done anything with it other than check the Get Info.

    Downloaded is 4.15 GB, Protected MPEG-4
    Cloud is 3.85m Purchased MPEG-4

    Should I delete both and download whichever it gives me? I'm a bit concerned that the new one is smaller in size, meaning I may lose quality or something.

    These were my first movies I purchased through iTunes so I'm not really familiar with if this is normal or not.
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    Happens sometimes. Try logging out of your account and back in in iTunes. That usually re-associates the downloaded movies with the cloud version.
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    Sometimes it's the iTunes Extra and not a duplicate.
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    -- It worked like charm for me (iTunes on Windoze10). In the past, I tried different things including deleting my library file and recreating the content by scanning the library on the hard drive. However, that either never worked, or worked for a short time until someone in my family purchased a new movie. I'm glad I found your post. Thank you!
  5. TMav, Jun 22, 2018
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    I have this issue with a couple recent purchased iTunes movies. Looks like the difference is one has closed captioning and the other doesn't. Not sure how to remove the duplicate from showing up. Currently downloading the a couple of the movies so when that's done I'll try logging out of my iTunes account and back in. I believe Apple TV only shows one. So it's only on the Mac in iTunes that I'm seeing this.

    OK. so Apple had me hide delete the duplicate I did not want. Since it was not downloaded iTunes only gave me the option to hide the movie which I did. However, Apple TV would not show the movies anymore, and I'm assuming the iPhone etc. So I had to view my account in iTunes on the Mac and there was an option to unhide hidden movies. Once unhidden they showed back up on Apple TV and only showed once in iTunes. The tech at Apple seemed to be guessing as we went along but this oddly worked. Perhaps just login out of the account in iTunes and back in on the Mac would have solved this issue as well. IDK.

    Yes, logging out and back in iTunes account also works.

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