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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Tech198, Jan 22, 2013.

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    This is often asked over and over, and the answer is usually "because the studios are greedy" which they probably are, but how come movies are over available on iTunes to "Buy" and not "Rent"

    Mostly, these are classic like E.T, Indiana Jones, and a few old classics too, (quite a few), allot are not even there at all.

    The situation may be "well.. studio's need the money", but what they forget is HDMI is protected, and while they "let" their own films be copied (to lack of a better word), if the quality is lower (Analog hole), that's not too bad.. There more than likely going after the better quality versions, or not allow these, which is understandable.

    But Apple charges a rent model, you pay so much to rent, so the movie studios are getting their moneys worth anyway. What's the problem ? Its just not as much as $20 or more... But times even $4.95 by a movie you rent by a few thousand people who grab it from iTunes, and that's easily over the cost of a blue-ray/DVD at the shops.

    I thought it was for money...... So, it seems, iTunes all the way..... Why don't the movie studios jump on this money bag ?
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    Can rent movies in the US market. So, it would appear to be a country specific limitation.
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    Simply put the movie industry is a complex thing. There are TONS of variables including deals with HBO and other distribution means that make content not available at all, sometimes rental only, sometimes purchase only. There is also the times when the studios just don't care or are being idiots.

    Another thing to remember when movies get released on iTunes before BluRay or DVD that rental won't be an option until it is physically released - in most cases at least.

    I wish it was as simple as the music industry - that is not the case though

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