Itunes music files cannot be located!!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by supermac96, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Ok so yesterday I logged into my account on my computer and clicked itunes to open it. Instead of going to my library it said It cannot find my music library and told me to locate it. I clicked "Locate" and it went to my finder. We have had an external drive for the the past 6 months and I had been storing all my itunes on the external drive AND on the normal hard drive. So when I clicked the locate button, I chose the itunes library in my external library. Now my library is setup like it was about 2 years ago, complete with ipod nano games, playlist, and songs I have deleted. when I click a song to play it says "Cannot locate file." If i go into the finder and find the normal hard drive, and go into itunes media, I can double click the songs and play the songs in itunes. So I have no idea why all this happened but Is the only way to get all my songs back, to delete all the songs that cannot be l0 located and drag my whole library thats stored on my normal hard drive into itunes?
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    There should be a preference setting for itunes about "Let iTunes manage my music library". Sounds like you need to select that while mapped to your "normal" drive. Then you can select any songs that it says it can't find, and see if they are on your external drive. If so then do what you did before to locate them, and there should be an option or a pop-up that asks if you want iTunes to search that drive or folder for more of your missing (lost) library. Click 'yes' and see if it works.

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