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    I just bought a new Mac! Before running migration assistant, I decided to play around on the new computer. While doing so I accidentally checked for available downloads on iTunes and downloaded an album I had preordered.

    After I ran migration assistant everything from my old computer was on a differet username! I didn't know that this would happen.

    So I just want to get my new album from "username A" where I downloaded it to "username B" where all my files and music have been moved from my old mac.

    I tried going to user A and logging out, then going to user B and checking for available downloads. But this didn't work.

    Any suggestions or solutions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Try logging into your iTunes account from the iTunes Store in the migrated account and checking for available downloads in the Store menu at the top.

    Then when you don't need need the new account anymore, delete it from System Preferences > Users & Groups (click the lock and enter your pass) when logged into your migrated account.
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