iTunes Music share Remotely with home network


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Apr 16, 2005
Laguna Beach
Anyone try to get this working with iTunes 7 yet, I really want to remotely connect to my home network so I can see my songs. I used HamachiX and it worked for like 6 minutes then I closed the network and tried it again and it just never worked again. Any suggestions?


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Apr 11, 2003
There is an app called Musicast that supposedly is pretty slick. You can share with friends and control access.

Coincidentally, you can get this app for free today if you go to and vote in the competition. It's a promo to spur voting.

Don't say I never gave you nothin'. :)


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Oct 5, 2005
MyTunesRSS works perfectly for me. I tried that musiccast one and it wouldn't work, but I use MyTunesRSS just about every day. You can stream the music, download it, and browse/create playlists all from a web frontend that's pretty slick. I love it, and it's free (no voting required:) )