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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Quu, Sep 15, 2009.

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    I love Music. But I'll be honest, I think most of the music produced isn't worth the prices being asked. For most Songs I'd only pay 1/4th or half the price that is being asked of me to own it.

    This is why I really think a Subscription service would suite me as I could download whatever I wanted for a monthly fee and I'd feel that I'm getting a lot more value for my money, it would certainly make me consume more music too.

    I love my iPod Touch I think it's the best portable music player I've ever owned. I also have an Airport Express connected to my speakers so I can stream music from my Mac to my Sound System. This is the setup I love and would always want to use with my Music. iPod + AirTunes Streaming.

    But Apple have yet to offer a subscription service whilst Napster and Microsoft do. I don't really think the Zune is that great but now that they have launched the Zune HD combined with their subscription Music Service I'm torn.

    Do I stick with Apple waiting each keynote for the announcement that Subscriptions are go! or do I dive from the devil I know to the devil I don't and get in bed with Microsofts Zune platform?

    What are others thoughts on this would you like a Subscription service from Apple, do you think it would detract from the stores sales or make the store less profitable? What do you think Apples reasons are for not offering subscriptions thus far?
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    I have used subscription services in the past and one thing that really sucks is you cannot keep the files you get. The files are also riddled with DRM that stops you when the period is up. I hate being so limited with my music. I remember I used a service about two years ago (I think it was the Napster takeover company) and you paid 15 bucks a month and you can download as many songs as you want and you can choose what 15 songs you want to permanently keep. It was okay but that was a long time ago.

    I can listen to my music over and over and over again. This isn't so true with a movie. A subscription based movie service makes a lot more sense with the way that concept is. I use NetFlix and I love it. It's a hit or miss with movies you haven't seen before, but at least you aren't out 5.00 to 20.00 everytime you didn't like it.

    You need to make sure you look out for iTunes sales as well. I just picked up a Rock Sampler album with a lot of good rock songs and some music videos I like as well. There was 6 songs and 4 music videos, the price was 4.00!

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