iTunes no longer recognizing iPhone with T-Mobile?!

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by mongoos150, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I'm completely unable to sync to my Mac after porting to T-Mobile! It seems as if iTunes goes online momentarily when you connect your iPhone to your computer, because I am now getting a message on iTunes (when the iPhone source is selected at the left) stating "There is a problem with your iPhone." I notice whenever the iPhone is docked to a Mac, the iTunes music store pops up momentarily, so it's blatantly obvious iTunes is checking the iPhone against AT&T to make sure it's a legitimate at&t account (I'm assuming).

    I disabled my mac's internet connection and re-connected the iPhone, and the iPhone information won't even show up! The iPhone (1.1.3) works completely fine independent-of-iTunes (7.6).

    Is this some new system to verify all iPhones are on AT&T only? Is there some way to get around this? The iPhone works fine on T-Mo, but I can't sync with my mac!
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    iTunes doesn't check for a valid AT&T account only for the activation/current firmware status of phone. The only thing iTunes store and iPhone have in common is to sync your music store accounts so you can buy songs/sync them back from the phone seamlessly.

    I would recommend you reset the iPhone first of all (hold down the power button +home button simultaneously till you see the Apple logo) and/or restart your mac. If that doesn't work re-install iTunes 7.6
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