iTunes not syncing songs to IPhone after several library changes

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    Dec 1, 2014

    i have been looking for an answer or explanation to this issue that has caused me to erase all the data (reset) my iPhone more than 6 times so far, but to no avail.
    i Have an iPhone 6 (128Gb) with over 60gb of music synced and I have noticed that whenever I make several changes on my iTunes (genre changes, files directory changes, etc) to multiple songs and then try to sync it to my phone it gets stuck on the last step until I'm forced to unplugged the phone (trying to stop the sync doesn'to work).
    Once I reconnect my phone and the backup process starts again all my music files now appear as "other" and thus ITunes now tries to sync all my music again causing an error message stating that I do not have enough capacity..

    i Have tried to troubleshoot this issue to isolate the problem but with no success. I was just forced to reinstall all my apps and music once again and I am extremely annoyed since it happens quite often (since I do end up editing large amount of songs on a constat basis).

    does anyone know what is happening and how to avoid it?

    note: after making all those changes on ITunes i always make sure ITunes recognizes those files. I try to close and open iTunes to ensure it updates its library and all the files' links. All songs do appear and play normally on iTunes. Everything works on iTunes but then when I plug in my phone all new or modified songs appear grayed out with the circle to the left (indicating they will be synced, but it never happens)
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    try forcing itunes to check its library to make sure all the music is there.

    click on file
    click on library
    click on orgranize
    click on consolodate files

    try rebuilding the itunes library files (xml and itl files)

    copy everything from itunes music library to an external hard disk
    erase the entire itunes library
    and recopy it from usb

    do a dfu reset of the iPhone and set it up as a new iPhone

    when you say the iPhone is stuck. who decides if its stuck or not? how long do you wait before you decide its stuck? have you considered waiting 5 hours?

    your copying 60 gigs of stuff to an encrypted device. i think its probaly normal for you to think its stuck when its actually doing something

    if you have 60 gb of music, i would recommend paying $25 for itunes match and putting your entire music collection on iCloud. i have 140 gigs and i pay the $25.

    i used to have to wait forever it seemed to iPhone to "process" songs from iCloud match, but it guess
    either the phone 6 or iOS 8 fixed this issue

    even if your syncing over the cable you can see the syncing process in settings wifi sync on the phone
    maybe that will show you what its doing more then what itunes says

    let time machine backup your hard disk before touching your itunes library
    that way you can restore it


    i don't think apple charges anything for people calling applecare for itunes only related problems. and if they do u can just tell them you qualify for an exemption because you recently installed iOS 8.

    id call them or bring the computer to the apple store if you still haven't figured out what to do
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    The most reliable solution I found was to add the songs I wanted to sync to a playlist. Then select only that playlist to sync. Otherwise, I found the same - iTunes would get stuck trying to work out which songs were already on my iPhone. My library is a similar size to yours.
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    Dec 1, 2014
    I'm not really interested in Match and yes, I always make sure Itunes recognizes all of my songs.
    Setting my phone as new would be extremely cumbersome since I would lose much more than just the music, but as a matter of fact it doesn't resolve this issue. When I got my iphone 6 I set it up as new and it didn't do anything. My old iphone 5S would also have this same issue under the same circumstances.
    There seems to be a problem of communication between Itunes library (with all the recent changes) and the phone with its pre-existing music.
    Not sure what it is, but I'd love to understand what is happening so I can either solve it or avoid it.

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