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    I'm sure this has been covered before -

    I have a G5 and an iBook. They are both authorised to to play music purchased on the iTunes store and they both update my account balance etc no problem. BUT if I plug my iPod into my laptop it updates the iTunes on that machine and deletes stuff that is only on the G5 - and vice-versa. I buy songs on both machines so how do I get the iPod to keep the the stuff I sent to it from my G5 when I plug it into my iBook? How can I get the libraries on bot machines to be identical?
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    Manual iPod management allows you to hook up your iPod to two machines without having to erase the contents of the iPod when you switch machines, but it doesn't sync the libraries on the two machines.

    Here's what I have done. Share the iTunes library folder from one machine (machine 2) on the network and copy any new files from machine 2 to machine 1, then only sync the iPod with machine 1. Alternatively you could share in iTunes and use ourtunes to copy files from one library to the other.

    I have not seen any solutions that really enable keeping two libraries automatically in sync, but I suppose you might be able to make something work with rsync. That kind of approach wouldn't keep playcounts and ratings and such in sync though...

    Another thought: You might be able to use oboe premium from $39.95/year


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