iTunes on External HD (major problems)

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    Jun 5, 2008
    After hours on the phone with Apple Care and a WHOLE day yesterday in an Apple store my problem was not fixed and i have been told to import all my media the manual way. Hopefully with all the Mac brains on MacRumor Forums i'll be able to nut this out.

    Long story short when i owed my previous Black MacBook due to its HD size i created 2 folders on an external HD with both iTunes and iPhoto stored on. (when it asked to create a folder i selected the external HD) this allowed me to connect the HD to any Mac and sync my iDevices.

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro 15 inch last week and i now want to copy those folders onto my Mac Pro.

    The problem that i am getting is the external HD i was using was formatted as Mac OS (journaled) case sensitive. This has created the biggest headache.

    Yesterday the Apple Genius tried coping the folders onto a mac OS (Journaled) formatted HD, but it failed when it got to around 50GB. We then tried super Duper and it copied the two folder onto another external HD but failed. We still had the same case sensitive problem.

    I then started to manually import every folder by folder last night but thought stuff this! There has to be a solution.

    Let me know if you need any more information.

    I would love to be able to fix this problem and have (mainly) my iTunes folder on my Mac Pro because all of my apps and ipad apps and backups are stored in those folders on the external HD.

    Much appreciated.

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    Jun 5, 2008
    Mr Hardy, you have fixed it.

    I wasted a whole Sunday with a GENIUS mind you trying to fix this problem.

    For people with the same problem open up two finder windows, one with the external HD and one with the new folder. select all folders and just simply drag them into the new folder. it took about 40mins, when you get the error (upper lower case found) click OK and then go to the folder underneath that and repeat the process until you have a working iTunes folder.

    So happy right now............

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