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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by T34418leONE, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Dec 3, 2010
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    Hello everyone,

    I currently host my iTunes library on an external HDD which I set up to use on my Mac Mini.

    I just successfully swapped in a WD Scorpio Blue 640GB HDD into my MBP A1211 and also fresh installed Snow Leopard so the laptop is clean and free of anything I don't want. Even ran Monolingual thanks to advice I read on here.

    So basically since my MBP's HD is large enough to comfortably accommodate my iTunes library I'd like to copy it onto it's HD from my external.

    I did some searching but it was mostly how to transfer from PC to MAC with external blah blah. My situation seems easy enough since I already have my iTunes in an external...

    I'd love to just drag it over to my BMP's HD but I want to do it right.

    Can someone give me the steps to get my iTunes into my MBP?

    Cliff notes: current iTunes already in external HD and being used by Mac Mini. need to transfer iTunes copy from external to MBP's HD. Want steps, thanks!
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    Here's Apple's own instructions on the process:

    The short version is, assuming you've already got your iTunes folder automatically organized: Move the iTunes folder to the internal drive, open up iTunes' preferences, go to advanced, click "Change" under iTunes Media folder location, and select the new location. Done.

    Incidentally, given the relatively modest amount of space saved on a half-TB+ drive and the potential for issues down the line, I wouldn't have run Monolingual personally. Maybe the problems have been fixed, but I've seen a number of threads around here by people trying to dig themselves out of a Monolingual-created hole.

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