iTunes on iMac not receiving updated Apps from my iPhone when I sync

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Benz63amg, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Benz63amg, Sep 16, 2016
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    Hey guys, I have a question. This is not a new issue, I've been having this issue for quite some time now I just didn't bother to figure out a fix, anyways, here's my issue.
    I am running the latest version of iTunes on my iMac with El Capitan, obviously as well all know, apps on the iPhone are updated regularly automatically through the App Store on the iPhone as they should be, however, when I sync my iPhone to my computer, the updated apps don't get transferred to the iTunes App Library on my iMac, what that means is that basically all the apps on the iMac, in the iTunes App Library are outdated as my iPhone is not syncing over updated Apps to iTunes on the computer

    Now, this is not a big deal but when I get a new iPhone and I decide what apps to sync from the computer when I first plug it in to set it up, basically all the apps that I'm selecting to be synced over to my iPhone from my iMac are pretty old and outdated and as soon as they are synced over to my iPHone, the AppStore on the iPhone will obviously update all these apps and it will take a long time because I have a good amount of apps on my iPhone, but again, re downloading all these app updates should not be necessary because they were already downloaded and were upto date on my old iPhone but the Updated versions of the apps were not transferred to my iTunes library from my old iPhone and that's why all updates need to be redownloaded on the new iPhone , that's the issue.

    Is there some setting in iTunes that I need to enable for the iTunes library on my iMac to receive updated apps from my iPhone during sync?

    This issue started about a year or 2 years ago so it's not ios10 specific obviously I just never bothered to look into it but now since I will be getting the iPhone 7 delivered in a few weeks I said I might as well try to fix this iTunes issue
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    I looked into this today as realised the same thing. It has been broken due to app thinning. You can see the purchased apps in iTunes and manually download them

    What is worse though is that if an app is no longer available on iTunes and it hasn't been downloaded then when you sync to a new phone then you can no longer get it. I have a few apps like this, quite a few older ones from Electronic arts for example.

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