iTunes on the iMac G4 800MHz

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Ifnot4u, Mar 13, 2017.

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    My iMac G4 was stored away many years ago, and is in nearly brand new condition, with a freshly restored system, and recently install OS X 10.4.
    I am using an Airport Express as a bridge, connected to my G4 via an ethernet cable, for my internet connection.

    My goal is to use this beautiful machine in my kitchen as an on-line cookbook and iTunes library, to play through these wonderful speakers. Now that I am on-line, my problem is how to update this G4 with a late enough version of iTunes, so that I may either transfer my current library over to the G4, or share my iTunes library which resides on my iMac 2015.

    The iTunes version on the G4 is 6.0.4, while the version on my later iMac is 12.5.5. I have early iPods, which I can load portions of my library onto, but when I connect them to the G4, the music does not show up. If I connect a later model iPod, it gives me a disk error.

    I grew up in a time when computers were at their infancy, and after all these years, I am still unsure of myself when tackling these types of issues. I would be so grateful if someone has a solution to this frustrating problem.

    Sincerely Susan
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    The latest version of iTunes for the iMac is 10.6.3, you can download it here: It requires 10.5.8, you'll have to update your version of Mac OS X before you can install iTunes 10.6.3. You won't be able to easily move your iTunes library across. I suggest using Home Sharing to copy your library over to your G4 iMac.

    For web browsing, I highly suggest using TenFourFox. It's based on Firefox and is still updated regularly with security patches. You can download it here:
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