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    Note to Mods: I haven't see any forum directory for Windows Apple Aplications.

    This is just a private rant at Apple's incapacity of being mature with Windows platform users that are forced to use their iTunes software..

    How many retarded monkeys does it takes to make a performant iTunes software for Windows platform?

    First Steve, and now Tim are always saying that Apple strive at making "insanely great products". With iTunes for Windows they failed greatly.

    Tim last apologies was about the iPhone Maps app. "we fell short on this commitment" "to make world-class products ".
    Again Tim, you failed with iTunes.

    iTunes can't even pretend to be performant on any Windows platform. It takes me hours to sync my iPhone. Switching between tabs, minutes and minutes of frustration waiting for the tab to be able to accept modifications. Don't even think doing multitasking while iTunes is loaded in your PC's memory. It will suck up of its ressources and leave you wanting to swing a bat at your screen.

    While they are giving iPhone users with many alternatives for Maps app softwares, why not do the same with iTunes?
    Why do I have to wait hours to sync my iWhatever with this badly-coded-software? Give us a alternative to sync our iToys.
    They pride themself of giving the client the best: "Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world".
    well now it's time to live up to you saying and to put you money where your mouth is.

    A frustrated Apple customer who is tired of witnessing his quad core languishing at a poorly coded version 10 software. :eek:
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    Jan 9, 2012
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    Make better software

    Problem solved

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