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    Feel free to move this thread elsewhere if necessary.

    I would like to have all music related info properly associated to each track. I'm trying to get
    • BPM
    • Genre
    • Release Year
    • Composer
    • Track number
    • Album Artist
    • Grouping (Label)
    • Last played
    • EQ
    • Category
    • Disc Number
    • Album Rating (I'd like to get the rating from an online source.)
    • Last played (this is set automatically once I play the song)
    • Album Artwork
    • Bit Rate
    • I'd also like to be able to delete songs that have the same data associated ( if I have a Hells Bells on one album and on the greatest hits album I don't want them to delete each other.)

    I sometimes drag and drop music into the itunes music folder. How do I know if it is added to my itunes Library?

    Is there a way to get most of this information automatically?
    I also use DJay for small events.
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