iTunes OSX - Add to My Music


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Jul 31, 2008
Southern California
When listening to Beats1 - if you click the three dots and click on "Add to my music", where does it go? I can't find it. I've "lost" a few songs I've liked but can't seem to see where it puts it. Seems like a bug. I have view all music selected.

on iOS, it dropped it in recently added, but nothing on OSX.


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Sep 23, 2008
It goes to your music library, similar to your iTunes purchases. It is just not added to a playlist automatically. The service is a bit spotty at this time, so maybe there is a delay.


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Jan 26, 2006
Whitehouse, OH
I'm noticing some inconsistencies with "Add to My Music" in the OSX version of iTunes as well. It doesn't seem to work via the miniplayer, but if I go to the new tab, search for the track, and hit "Add to My Music" the track will show up a few moments later. Syncing this addition to the rest of my devices seems to be completely random, but I assume that will get better as the new service stabilizes.

I'm just happy they added a "Add to My Music" option when listening to Beats1 or radio stations in the iOS music app... it wasn't there when Beats1 went live yesterday at noon. This seemed like a huge oversight to me.