iTunes playlist export issue - not all songs show in new library

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    I recently moved all my music from my PC to my iMac. In doing so, I physically moved all MP3's from my external hard drive to the iMacs internal. I then imported my whole iTunes Library.xml file from the PC to the Mac, which for the most part is 90% complete. However, there are a few hundred songs from each playlist that didn't properly show up on the new playlist. So for example, the one playlist has like 3487 songs on the PC (original and correct one) but only shows 3200 on the iMac after the library import was complete. All folders were kept intact across the move and the MP3s in question are indeed in iTunes on the Mac now. Besides going through each list, one by one, comparing the differences, and drag/dropping the missing songs, is there an easier way to complete each list?

    Any ideas would be appreciated, as it would save me a heap of manual labor.
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    Perhaps some of your files weren't actually in the iTunes music folder on the PC? If you moved them all to iTunes on the Mac, iTunes can't find them right now (even though they are there). You could right click them and choose Show in Finder then locate them and it should fix it. But as you say, it's a pain to do it manually.

    How about going back to the PC and using Organize Library then Consolidate Files. This should put them all in iTunes. Then, recopy the iTunes/music folder to the Mac (overwrite) and see if the "missing" files show up in iTunes.

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