iTunes problem - Adding files to apps - Video files plus others.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Piggie, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Everything else seems to work as smooth as silk apart from this one aspect.

    I have troubles a few weeks ago but it just seemed to work as one point, so I thought no more, but today, again I'm having problems.

    iTunes running and iPad connected.

    I go to the "Apps" area and see the apps listed in the lower left hand side. Click on an app, and in the right hand window I should see files that are residing within the app.

    Only issue is they seem to sometimes be there and sometimes not.

    Let me explain what happened today:

    I have VLC and CinePlayer.

    I had a few test video files in both, and the video files both showed up. I clicked on them and pressed my delete key to remove them, and now the apps are empty.

    But I cannot put anything back into them, either via drag and drop, or by clicking on the ADD button and browsing to the files.

    Also, and this is weird. I have 3 books in the BlueFire Reader app, I saw them in there, I then browsed down to see what was in the VLC app, now when I look back in the BluFire reader section it shows no files.

    It seems very hit and miss.

    I can't seem to replicate when it does or does not show apps.

    Anyone else every have problems dragging video files, or any files into apps?

    Is there any trick I can try?

    My iPad is otherwise running perfect and always has done, and has never been jailbroken.

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Just a little update:

    This is very odd.

    I unplugged my USB connection, reconnected it, gave the iPad a few moments to settle down, went to apps, clicked on the movie player app and copied 5 trial video's over to it.

    Worked perfect, and played on the iPad.

    I clicked on the BlueFire reader, and my 3 books showed up.

    So all seemed fine.

    I clicked on a couple of other apps icons in this list in iTunes which have no files inside them, then clicked back on the movie app and the bluefire app and now they both show as empty again.

    Even though they are not empty.

    Not quite sure what's going on yet, but it's as if once I click on an empty app, or perhaps a specific app, it blanks everything else out in iTunes and stops me being able to add anything else to other apps.
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    Feb 23, 2010
    Final update as I can only now assume it's a bug in iTunes.

    Following a bit of experimentation. It seems if I quit iTunes and reload it, and go direct to my video app, I can see the files and add more.

    If we just use these two apps as examples. A video playback one and BlueFire book reader.

    I load iTunes, click on the video app, it shows the files, then to bluefire, it shows it's files, then back to the video and it shows the files.

    To and fro, each app showing it's files as you would expect.

    Once I alternated between clicking on the two apps ten times, and all of a sudden all the files disappeared from the list, and no amount of clicking would bring them back on the screen.

    Another time, I just alternated between the apps twice before all the files no longer showed.

    If I quit and re-run iTunes it's fine again.

    For some reason, when I click between apps in the apps list, at any random time, a bug seems to show up and stop any associated files showing, meaning you cannot add or remove any app files, without quitting and rerunning iTunes and only going direct to the app you wish to work with.

    Anyone else find this happening to them?

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