iTunes problem in Tiger - can't copy old tunes onto new install

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by evoluzione, Jun 6, 2005.

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    i just upgraded to OS X.4 - (Tiger from now on) on my G4 1.25dp.

    i've had some major problems the last week, in brief: i installed a couple of new HDs and backed up everything on my existing HD to the new ones. i erased the old HD and installed Tiger, went to copy everything back (and organise/delete stuff at the same time). It was then that i had weird problems. The whole thing kept stalling for about 30 seconds at a time, i couldn't do anything except move the mouse, and move finder windows. then the computer would be fine again, for about 10-15 seconds, before it would happen again. i pulled all the HDs out, and all the PCI cards so i was left with the configuration with which it came originally. i finally figured out that if i unmounted an HD it was fine again. this HD was random, as far as i could tell, didn't matter what IDE bus it was on (ATA/66 or ATA/100) or in which position (Master or Slave - every drive was set to Cable Select anyway). I then realised that it seemed to be the .sparseimage that carbon copy cloner had created that was causing the problems. i copied that to another drive (but didn't delete the original one) and hey presto! everything is fine again! go figure.

    so, i have installed Tiger on a clean HD (a 300GB drive), the other drives work well at the moment (configured as an 80GB which will have OS9 on it which i need, and two 250GBs set up as a RAID).

    everything seems to be great, except i went to copy all my old iTunes songs into iTunes, and it won't work. i managed to succeed with a bunch of old tunes that weren't previously in my library on the old install. the tunes i had in the library before the Tiger upgrade, well, they just won't copy into iTunes, it processes for a few seconds, then does nothing.

    anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be????? a permissions thing perhaps?? the tunes were in the Shared User folder previously, as both my girlfriend and i have user accounts on the computer. it's set up this way again also.

    it's driving me nuts! it's probably really simple but i'm worn out from all the previously mentioned problems! i even bought AppleCare for the first time ever (didn't need to use it after all that though, but i did manage to get it 3 weeks before the standard warranty ended so i guess it was a good thing i had problems...)

    thanks, as usual!
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    Do the songs play in QuickTime player or some other MP3 player?

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