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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jon08, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Nov 14, 2008
    I was going to send this to Apple, but their website doesn't even provide any e-mail addresses where you could send your questions about stuff, so hopefully sb can help me out here...

    Ok, so here's the deal:

    I love all kinds of music, and within my music collection, a portion of about 5 GB is Asian songs (Chinese, Korean, Japanese...). Most of these songs are obviously named in their native (Chinese etc.) characters.

    When I transferred these songs onto my Macbook Pro (whatever folder on Macintosh HD), it displayed each and every song's name properly. However, upon transferring these songs into iTunes, at least 2/3 of these songs' names all got messed up. As a result, a bunch of question marks replaced each character within the song names.

    Now, it would be extremely time-consuming if I were to manually rename each of those songs in order for iTunes to display their names properly. Therefore, I wanted to ask you, is there a way to make iTunes recognize those Chinese and other characters in the songs??

    Another thing that angers me about iTunes is the way it arranges songs. Why can't it just simply sort the song by the mp3 external name/tag? As a Windows user, I had all of my mp3s arranged perfectly according to the alphabet of the external names of the mp3s, but now iTunes arranges them by INTERNAL tags, which, some of my mp3s have, and others DON'T.

    In addition, some of them only include the track name, but no artist or album, so consequently, iTunes places these songs on the bottom of the list or wherever out of the context! Considering the large amounts of those that don't have their full internal tags, it would again be ridiculously time-consuming to go insert their internal tags for each and every of them. Could anything be done about this arranging?

    Unfortunately, the above mentioned issues are the reason I might have to ditch the program and look for something more convenient....
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    Apr 19, 2008
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    How did you transfer them? song by song, or whole folder? Also, are you transferring them from a windows computer to a Mac? Best way I found to retain names, locations ect, was to transfer the whole iTunes folder intact, and not Import the music. But, if it's from a windows computer, that may not be possible.

    Also, do you have those fonts on the new computer?
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    Nov 14, 2008
    First I transferred my Music folder from an external hard drive onto my Macintosh HD. Yes, I used to be a Windows user. When I initially put everything on my Mac HD, it displayed EVERYTHING perfectly. So I'm assuming fonts shouldn't be the issue here.

    After that, I grabbed my "Asian" folder and just dropped it in iTunes' "Library"...that's when the song nams got messy...:(

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