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    Jul 25, 2012
    I don't know where this topic should be posted. There appears to be a presumption that iTunes has no problems, BTW I have upgraded to the lasted installed version.

    iTunes has to be the most irritating application I have EVER used. Considering I bought my 1st Apple II way back in 1986.
    I suspect this application may run perfectly well on a iMAC, I don't know since 99% of the time I run BootCamp and Win7 in my iMAC.
    I recently begrudgingly installed iTunes on my PC based computer running OS win7, mainly because someone gave me an old G3 iPhone.

    Here are some of the PC related problems with iTunes:

    1. Uninstall does not uninstall everything. Looking at the Windows registry a lot of Apple stuff still remains.
    2. Reinstalling itunes makes things even worse on the PC.

    When I now run iTunes or connect an Iphone, via USB iTunes:

    Wont recognize my g3 iPhone via USB
    Wont recognize my new iPhone shuffle via USB
    Wont recognize my new iTunes library, which I may have moved or deleted, then goes and installed tunes that don't even have an .mp3 extension


    Will recognize my wife's 4G iPhone even thought its NOT connected via USB

    Apple prides itself on its drag and drop support, but not on the Windows Platform.

    Why can't I do the following with iTunes:

    1. Simply drag and drop my existing mp3's into iTunes, (however buying tunes is relatively easy, it has no problems connecting to the store.)
    2. Backup and restore determined my user. tell me or allow me to determine where the backup directory is located, most window users would like to know.

    I don't need my tunes to be separated into categories automatically. I want my tunes to be played in the order and directory structure I created in Windows.
    I can name my tunes in Windows prefixed by numbers or create an ordered playlist.

    Why does the underlying unfriendly Unix directory structure still exist? I can make my own Icon, with some difficulty, but I don't know how to easily
    replace my icon with the icon iPhone has provided, without learning Unix.

    I'm not a mushroom!
    Don't feed me BS!
    I can think for myself!
    I don't need to be spoon fed by Apple.
    I hate being restricted by a company who thinks it knows better!

    However I'm not holding my breath that anything will change anytime soon.
    A famous statement from an Apple spokes person tells it all. " we have never listened to your customers for our success".

    If this becomes an example of how other companies want to emulate Apples success, the consumer backlash hopefully is just around the corner....


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    May 23, 2012
    Try this

    You seem to be having a few similar issues.

    I have noticed that many versions of iTunes on windows don't "update"/"upgrade" well.

    In my experience, it's best to:
    Uninstall iTunes.
    Uninstall bonjour.
    Delete your firewall rules for iTunes/bonjour.
    Download the newest version of iTunes and install it.
    This should automatically install bonjour.
    Make sure any external drives with media are connected and turned on.
    Open iTunes and accept the new firewall rules that it wants to create.
    Make sure your library database is connected to your media files (edit/prefs/advanced: choose path and enable copy to iTunes.)
    Login to your account in the iTunes music store.
    Make sure you can play songs and/or drag/drop songs into the iTunes window.
    Connect your iOS devices by USB to make sure the mobile device drivers are installed correctly.

    This has generally worked well for me.
    It's like a manual way of "resetting" the bonjour network and usb settings needed to make home sharing work correctly. For some reason, the windows iTunes "upgrade" process often breaks home sharing.

    Give it a try. Let us know if this helps.

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