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    Hi folks,

    I was looking for some advice and support.

    Up until Apple music was released, my iTunes library was pretty organised. Since signing up for Apple Music the day it got released and re-downloaded my iTunes purchases from the cloud, I feel my iTunes library is an absolute mess and I am looking to fix it.

    Songs that I have purchased on the iTunes store show an iCloud status of "Matched" or "Apple Music" when I've had those songs for years (and prior to Apple Music existing). They should show up as "Purchased".

    I feel the music library Apple Music holds for me is completely incorrect and I am looking to erase all iCloud data, re-download my purchased songs through iTunes then re-download all songs bought from Apple Music and then update the records held on iTunes. I don't know if this is the best course of action or if there is a better way to do this....

    I am really confused and frustrated by the whole setup and would like it sorted to easiest way possible!

    I appreciate any help you can offer.
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    Do not rely on the iCloud Status to determine if the music is "purchased." It is possible that a song will show iCloud status "Matched" but if you check the Kind of the file, it will be a "Purchased AAC audio file." How does this information change your situation?

    EDIT: original attached screenshot was incorrect screenshot.

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    Unless there are duplicates of each album in your library, I would suggest hiding the "Kind" field and making your life easier. Your purchased songs are still yours and they are associated with your account, they're just pulling the Apple Music version from the cloud.

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