iTunes question (maybe) - how to export at lower bitrate?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Tumbleweed666, Aug 29, 2010.

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    I would like to export selected albums from my iTunes collection on iMac to a phone with music player (Android) and as it is restricted on memory, and I'll be listening in a noisy environment such as planes & trains where absolute fidelity is not an issue, I'd like to halve the bit rate when I export.

    This doesn't appear to be something iTunes will do AFAICS, am I correct,and is there any app that will let me do this, ideally with a decent GUI to pick out the albums I'd like to transfer?
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    I've used Audialhub for years, and it's perfect for this. The thing is, it's abandonware now. I'm not sure how you'd get a license for it...if you even can.

    If it's still available, try it out.
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    iTunes has encoding in it.

    Go to Advanced and you will see "Create AAC Version" or "Create MP3 Version". It will encode the selected files into selected settings in the Import Settings in Preferences.
    I recommend HE-AAC. It sounds good at even 48 or 80kbps and is designed for low-bitrate.
    Go to Edit - Preferences and you will see a menu saying "When you insert a CD". Click Import Settings beside it. Click the dropdown menu of "Import Using" and pick AAC Encoder. Then go to "Settings" dropdown menu and click "Custom..." Click "Use High Efficiency". The bitrate will switch to 64kbps by default. 48kbps should be good.
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    Thanks, unfortunately that only seems to create a new version in the same place as the original so its really messy, as you end up with two sets of tracks in one folder each track with the same name, and then have to take out the new ones and put them where you want.
    I did see there was a "create an iPod or iPad version' which I didnt realise existed but unfortunately not an "Android" version, and I dont suppose there will ever be such a thing either LOL :D Those options are also greyed out for me anyway, not sure why that is, that might have done it, will investigate that. Otherwise, looks like I'll have to go down the route of one of the many converter apps out there.

    Thansk anyway

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