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    I am trying to do some organizing and I am having issues.

    I have a set of CDs that I would like to group together. So here is my issues
    I have a set of a top 50 pack I want to get all the CDs into the same folder and each separate. So when I add them to my iTunes they will stay in the same album under "top 50" but on my iPod it shows as each individual artist. I am using the album artist and naming it the top 50 and using artist for the individual artist names but How do I make it so the iPod sorts it the same as my iTunes. I really need to keep these many top 50 and other groups of albums together and not separate. I need some guidance.
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    Try checking "Part of a Compilation" checkbox.
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    Still more questions

    Ok so i used the compilation idea. But the issue is now that all the many top 50's are all in the compilations section.

    Is there a way to just have the top 50 A in a folder then you click into it and then it is each individual album. and also in that folder would be Top 50 B.
    And top 50C.

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    To make an album sort together, all tracks must have identical information in the following fields:
    • Album
    • Album Artist
    • Sort Album
    • Sort Album Artist
    If you have matching information in those fields, the album will sort together. If it's not, try deleting the album from the iTunes library (keep the files), and then re-add it.

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