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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Harpster77, Feb 19, 2014.

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    I was wondering how many devices can be used with Itunes? For example, I have my Iphone that I used with Itunes and was thinking of getting the Ipad Mini for my wife as a gift – can she use the same computer and same itunes to put things on her device separately?
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    So long as the devices all use the same apple ID as far as I'm aware you can use an unlimited number of devices with iTunes.

    I currently have two macs, an iPhone and an apple TV linked to my iTunes without any problem. Apple wants people to buy all their devices, they wouldn't put such a limit in I wouldn't imagine.

    With that said an apple ID is free and you can create multiple libraries so if she wants different media than you it might be best to create another ID.
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    Alternatively, if you keep the same Apple ID you can also create different playlists within iTunes and have different devices sync to different playlists. Your computer will recognize these as different devices. For example, I have about 6K songs in my iTunes library on my computer in different playlists. However, I sync different combinations of these playlists to my iPhone (maybe a couple hundred songs) my old 32Gb iPod Touch (a couple thousand songs) and a new 16Gb iPod Nano (about a thousand songs).
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    iTunes companion

    Does anyone know of a software program that would have more music album information than iTunes 11 offers? I miss the details of a inside of a CD cover or the back of an album vinyl cover for example the name of the additional music artist that played on the album. My entire of my music library is all in iTunes, 80 per cent uploaded from my CD collection and the remainder digitally download from iTunes.
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    Feb 23, 2014
    best device for iTunes storage and streaming

    Quite confused: Mac Mini, a good branded hard drive or Time Capsule?

    I am trying to figure out the best place to store my huge iTunes library of music so I can continue to stream it (play it) over my Apple TV (and the smaller speakers I’ve hooked up); later through high quality stereo equipment once I buy a new amplifier that has wireless capabilities and play through current larger speakers.

    Right now the music is stored on my iMac and the iTunes library appears on my TV for me to click and play. But I will soon need to get this growing library file off my new iMac; I’m uploading some 400 CDs at Lossloss level.

    But which is best and why? Mac Mini, a good branded hard drive or Time Capsule? And if you suggest Mac Mini, should I also buy Airport Express?

    Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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