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    Aloha everyone,

    I have a newbie iTunes question for y'all. I just chose the default settings when I initially set up iTunes. My library is on my internal HDD in my iMac. If I were to, say, change that to one of my external drives, would my library then be moved to the new location? I would like to use my external HDDs for storage, and keep my internal HDD a bit leaner.

    Additionally, if I were to successfully move my iTunes library to the external drive, can I then remove the drive and hook it up to a second computer (my MacBook Pro) while on vacation and still access my iTunes library?

    I apologize for the rather basic questions, but I haven't tried this before and, while I can certainly rebuild the library (as the source mp3 files are also on the external HDD), I really wouldn't want to take the time to rebuild it.

    Mahalo in advance for your responses,

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    Yes you can have both of your computers to share the same library of music. Just set both of the settings to aim to your external drive.

    Transferring your music over can be done manually or automatically. Manually is as simple as dragging your music library to the external and then telling iTunes prefs>advanced> to aim at your external drive. Or automatically by telling iTunes to copy files to your iTunes library (check the box) and then tell iTunes where you want your library to go (again in the advanced prefs box). Once you hit ok it should start copying over.
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    the way I did it was

    -change the location of my library in the prefs
    -clicked on advanced > consolidate library.

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