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    Jun 5, 2011
    So some of my TV shows in Itunes which were stored on the computer are now apparently in the cloud? So when I watch them from itunes they must be streamed is this new?

    Also I deleted about 400 episodes and put them in the trash and deleted them and opted for them to be hidden from itunes purchases (only way to get rid of their pictures and info in itunes) How do I get them back? As long as I paid for them Apples should always allow me to re-download them right?

    This new itunes way to confusing compared to the old one and I consider myself quite tech savvy.

    EDIT: So I checked my mac and it says I have 70GB of movies, tv shows, yet when I go to the TV shows section on itunes it shows the cloud meaning I would be streaming it and when I click it it starts downloading all the epidosodes, how is this possible if I have no other vide on the computer yet I have 70 GB of it?

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