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Apr 30, 2012
recently, it started playing totally incorrect genre songs when listening to a station i made. for example, i have an electronic/techno station set up by artist name. it will play one song by the artist, then start playing some rock songs from the 60's....never hearing the correct music again. just started happening last month. anyone else??


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Oct 28, 2014

I had a station I created about a year ago. Its been gold! I loved many of the songs it played. Then one day a month or so ago it TOTALLY changed. Every song played was COMPLETELY wrong. It went from EDM/Dupstep type music to playing and Hip-hop and pop. It didn't just add them to the mix. It NEVER plays any of the songs it used to play. I tried recreating the station and it still played the wrong music. I have tried creating new stations based off of some of the songs I remember my old awesome station used to play but the playlists are pretty bad. They jump around from one genre to a completely different one.

It all happened just a couple weeks before my subscription was up fro renewal. I did not renew.

I want my Silver Scrapes Radio station back!!!!!

PS - I didn't like one wrong song. I didn't mess with the slider for Hits vs Discovery.
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