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Jan 29, 2006
i like to listen to radio stations from around the world via itunes. There are a lot of stations already on iTunes as it is but i want more. I am not willing to have Real Player or Windows Media Player on my computer. So many stations have only those options. I do have Flip4Mac for Quicktime that works for a few stations i've run across, but doesn't apply to i

Is there a source or a list for Radio Stations that will play through itunes?

I did find Radio Ireland Ch. 2 that had an MP3 option and when I clicked on it, it was added to my iTunes library and plays fine.

Anyone have sources or directions to point me ?

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mad jew

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Apr 3, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
Most stations should give you the option to download a M3U file which can be opened in iTunes. I don't have a specific list of stations that have this facility, but a quick Google search might head you in the right direction. :)


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Sep 19, 2006
Millis, Massachusetts
Itunes has recently added a lot more stations to the radio tab. Must be over 1000. I've really started to enjoy iTunes radio. Listen almost every night. Like the Sports / Talk radio tabs. Anyone else like antioch or mystery radio. Those old time radio programs are really nice.


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May 16, 2007
I know for a fact that UMs radio station can be heard trough iTUNES and as mad jew mentioned there are bunch of other stations out there that have a M3U format that can be opened on iTUNES.

Search is your key. Heaven knows how searching for what you are looking for has helped relieve major boredom at work!!