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    Jun 26, 2009
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    I have my iphone, great thing, 3G , and my imac OSX 10.5.8. itunes 9.0.

    My problem:

    My iPhone wont come up in my iTunes "Devices" area on my imac. When I want to use remote app. Now... It works on my macbook pro though. Same iTunes version, my airport is set up the same as my laptop. My itunes settings are the same on both computers. :eek: What is happening? and, yes i have joined my network on my imac before you ask, to thus, use my iphone remote app. Please help :) Thankyou.

    After posting this message, neither computer will now pick up my iphone. the settings are all the same, as i said before but now my MacBook Pro wont, will not, doesnt, does not, find my iphone.
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    Jun 21, 2006
    Does the Remote app on the iPhone list the iTunes Libraries?

    That is -- I know the Macs don't see the iPhone, but does the iPhone see the Macs?

    If not, check to make sure the the iPhone has properly joined the wi-fi network. Check its IP address to make sure it has one, and maybe browse the web through Safari to make sure it's transferring data over the wi-fi network.
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    check wifi

    Some wifi routers have a security feature that will prevent each wireless device from seeing others. This to help prevent hacking. I don't know how your router handles this, but it's what I'd check first.
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    Sep 5, 2008
    Are you sure your computers and iphone are joining the same network?

    Sometime if there are other wireless network that has stronger signal than yours, your device may join that network if you didn't check the "Ask to join new network".

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