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    Curious about something...

    At work, when I load iTunes, I have the typical "Library" and "Store" and "Playlists". I also have one called "Shared". Within "Shared" I have two listed. One is "Home Sharing" one is "Itunes Server on XYZ" (where XYZ is the name of a NAS device attached to my work network).

    If I click on XYZ within iTunes, nothing happens and it reverts back to my music.

    Now the curiosity... what is this iTunes Server? How can I put music in it? How can I play music out of it? Basically, how can I find where it is point to.

    I did navigate to XYZ through the network and poked around in it. There is a folder called "Music" with some music in, but those songs don't appear in my iTunes. I realize its hard to give specifics, but after trying to figure this out on me own, I'm a bit at a loss how to either take advantage of it or to disable it.

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