iTunes song files in 2 different locations - ?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Mugwumper, Oct 17, 2010.

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    I've just discovered something in my Library, and I don't know whether I
    have a problem, or if I should care . . . ;^)

    I have 16 songs showing in iTunes 10.0.1 from a 2-disk release called "Cafe
    del Mar Vol 13" - all songs play fine, and I have song and CD numbers for all
    songs, and each song has the box "Part of a compilation" checked.

    In my main file system (same level as "Applications") is a folder called
    "iTunes Music", and in that is "Compilations" - further down inside that is
    "Cafe del Mar Vol 13" but it only has 11 of the 16 songs.
    [/iTunes Music/Compilations/Cafe del Mar Vol 13]

    At the same level as "Compilations" is "iTunes Song Files" and in that is
    "Music" and inside that is another "Compilations" folder, and another "Cafe
    del Mar Vol 13" folder. This only has 13 of the 16 songs, and one is a
    [/iTunes Music/iTunes Song Files/Music/Compilations/Cafe del Mar Vol 13]

    Which of these is the "correct" Compilations folder? If I compare the files in
    each folder, I have all 16 songs that are displayed in iTunes, just not all in
    one folder. Should I be worried?

    And should I bother with trying to "fix" either of these folders so they have
    the correct collection of 16 songs? If I move files around, will iTunes get

    Other possibly useful bits of info: 1) I have almost 10,000 songs; 2) I use
    the iVolume app to set the same playback volume level; and 3) all songs
    have been synching fine with my iPod Touch.

    Thanks for any pointers or advice you can give . . .
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    Sep 15, 2010
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    you don't need to worry as long as iTunes is aware of where all the content is (i.e. no "!" next to any files).

    you could try if consolidating your library helps with cleaning up the mess.

    first, go iTunes > preferences > advanced and make sure iTunes media folder location is pointing to the correct spot (e.g. your local iTunes folder). on the same tab, ensure there are ticks in the little boxes next to keep iTunes media folder organized and copy files to ... when adding to library.

    next, go file > library > organize library > consolidate files. if the option to upgrade to iTunes media organization is available, select that as well, then hit ok.

    iTunes will copy all files to the location set earlier (unless the content is already in that spot).

    make sure all content was copied correctly by right-clicking on files in iTunes you know where in one of the other locations, +get info+ from the pop-up menu, and checking the path to the original in the summary tab. alternatively, open two finder windows and open one of the other location in window A and the iTunes music (or media folder) in window B). you should see one copy of the files(s) in each.

    if you're convinced all is as it should be, you can delete the duplicate files from the other locations.

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