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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mary86004, May 13, 2011.

  1. mary86004 macrumors member

    Apr 16, 2011
    I have a song on a playlist in itunes that I play a lot. Today I clicked on it in the playlist and it gave me the message:
    The song “Louise Live” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?
    Then I tried to locate it and it simply is not in my computer.

    This happened a few weeks ago with another song that I play a lot in my itunes. If I had accidentally deleted it, it would not have still been an item to click on in the play list right?

    This song Louise Live is on the Road Tested Album. That Album is still in itune but Louise Live is not there. When I search the library, it shows that Louise Live is there but in an Unknown Album. When I click on it, I get the same error message.

    Anyone know what is happening?

  2. Seabit macrumors newbie


    May 13, 2011
  3. mary86004 thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 16, 2011
    did you find it?

    Did you ever find the songs again or solve it?
  4. mary86004 thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 16, 2011
    I think I solved my own post

    I think I solved my own problem. I realized that this song was one that I emailed to someone. I drug it from the library to the desktop so I could find it for attaching, thinking it left a copy in itunes but it didn't. I probably threw it in the trash. Fortunately in my gmail account, it saved a copy of the song in my sent file and I put it back in itunes.

    The other song I lost was a song I was doing something with for a friend. Maybe I drug it to the desktop and when we were done I deleted it. I have only had this problem with these two songs.

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