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    Dec 18, 2014
    Hi everyone.
    Our team is fighting with iTunes Store support since a month to make our account working. The problem is that there is no option to add a build and submit for a review. The account looks like this:


    As you can see there is a message 'submit your build...' instead 'add a build'. My builds (many) are uploaded and ready to add, as you can see here:

    What can I do to submit uploaded builds for a review?
    I wrote more then 15 mails to iTunes support. The only reply I got was:

    Hello Grzegorz,
    Thank you for your email. Our teams are still reviewing your case.

    Hello Grzegorz,
    I am following up with you regarding your inability to submit your app for review since your build has been processing for more than 24 hours. My name is ... and I am a senior Advisor with the group...

    Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Program Support about the issue you are experiencing to upload the new versions for your application Disk Xray....

    After such kind of mail, they stop doing anything more: not responds my mails, not giving any tips. Since a month my account is useless, I can't release a new version of our app.
    I'm App Store developer since many years, OSX developer since the year 1999, and released more then 30 apps (as private and a company member). I have never met such a problem and my other apps can be relased without any problems.

    I can't add a build, can't remove existing builds, can't remove the submission (prerelease) nor create new app with same ID.

    Because the support is totally helpless and I've got absolutely no help nor advice from them, do you have any tip what to do to overcome the problem?
    (as on the picture, there is one build in a processing state since 17 December - but why, and what to do with this?)
    Maybe someone could advice me who should I contact or call to report this problem?
    Is it possible to send a complaint to Apple, and how?

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    Dec 18, 2014
    Today it's already a month since we can't release a new version of our app in iTunes Store. I've sent over 20 mails, received lots of mails too and the problem is in the same point as 16 December when it started. iTunes Connect support did nothing, no one looked at our account to see why it's locked and no one sent us any tip or advice what to do.

    More details about fixing the problem by iTunes support:
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    Have you tried using a different browser or machine?

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