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    Recently I entered into a discussion with Apple support and an app developer raising concerns about "false advertising" issues within an app I have bought. For the first time using the App Store for around 8 years now I asked (accepted) to cancel and refund a series of in-app purchases (around 10 purchases made within a month).

    Apple support acted very professionally and in a timely manner, and issued refunds. However, shortly after the issue I started to receive notifications upon any purchase in the App Store requiring me to accept the following acknowledgment: "If you download or use this iOS App within fourteen days of buying it, you will no longer be eligible to cancel this purchase." Additionally, an email containing acknowledgment that I have accepted such term is sent to me after a purchase is made, originating from:

    After googling and finding that this is some kind of a practice Apple does to prevent users to refund apps without a reason, and knowing that Apple proposed and confirmed to refund my in-app purchases, made within the app in question, for a good reason, I contacted support team again, asking to explain why this is happening (and asking about the popups and e-mails).

    As a result I received an e-mail from the support team stating: "After reviewing your case, I would like to inform you that neither the email nor its sender are associated with Apple. The email is a phishing attempt, designed to trick users into visiting a website."

    I explained for a second time that upon a purchase I receive a popup in the App Store as well (I attached it to this post). A second response was sent back from the support team stating: "As mentioned in my previous email, I would like to inform that it's a the email is a phishing attempt, designed to trick users into visiting a website. You can even forward it to so we can investigate it. When you forward it, make sure you provide complete headers from the original email."

    This is getting quite ridiculous. This story is going on already for some two months, and instead of solving anything, it gets even more complicated. Any advices to solve this would be welcome.

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    Does it matter though? It's just Apple reminding you about the rules and is probably a switch somewhere (automatic or manual I have no idea).
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    It does matter a lot.

    The support team should probably know which e-mails and which policies originate from Apple and not repeatedly call this a spam, right?

    Also with regards to the e–mails and popups itself, I would call this prior express consent "enforcement" an issue of being treated differently in a situation where all customers does not receive similar notifications and where no rights were abused from my side (Apple offered and issued refunds in this case) - even where such policy would be in line with the provisions of the Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU), Art. 9(1), 16(m). Also there is an issue of "bureaucratic burden" and concern of trust issues between the parties while sending e-mails and popups repeatedly on every 99 cent purchase in a situation where I, without a sound reason, will not ask for any refunds anyway.
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    Update: They apologized for misunderstandings with regards to identifying this as spam. As for the popups/e-mails itself – as I supposed: they told they cannot control this process (to manually switch notifications on/off). Also they tried to convince me that this has nothing to with my account and such messages could in some cases be distributed to all EU customers. There are no effects on my specific account.

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