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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Tech198, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Hi all..

    Why does Itunes (and for that matter music streaming services like Apple music) can neglect more deals or better get more labels on board than others.. ?

    This would be the result of why content is not always available for one service, but is available on another.

    I'm wondering why this is true, particularly when they all come from the same labels anyway..

    For example Fox TV show: The Simpsons,, on the iTunes store are better, than that from Hulu, and again on Netflix, despite they are neglected the same, from the same company. All i could find out from netfilx for example, when asked, was they have a 'closer relationship' with the companies'

    What does that even mean ? I know it would probably come down to money somewhere, and what can be agreed on.... must be, because that's the only thing left.
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    Simple - not all content is owned by the same company and is not created or treated equally and availability is often done to making complicated agreements that don’t always work out to the benefit of a particular company, You also cannot compare movies and music or tv shows - very different products and different owners in many cases as well as s scale of cost that is massively different.

    Apple has a bunch of clout but isn’t a god and at the end of the day they are at the whims of content owners who are businessmen and as a result it boils down to business

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