iTunes Store on iTunes 10.5 not working! Need it for iPhone update. Please Help!

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  1. Alextheamr macrumors newbie

    Oct 13, 2011
    Hello everyone! I have had a lot of problems with iTunes lately and it all started a day before iOS 5 Came out :( please help me, I'm very anxious about this. I did a lot of research about this problem and tried it but only to find out it doesn't work and it was a older version of iTunes. Ok so a few days ago, I was using iTunes and apparently as I tried to access the store, there was this awkward message saying "One Moment Please, connecting to iTunes Store, Loading..." I did the preferences option, the deletion of itunesprefs.XML, internet options with proxy and LAN, firewall, hosts file, startup option but none have worked only to now make iTunes Store worse by making the bar load only to the middle then stopping only showing the iTunes Store blank...I ran diagnostics and can't find a secure link and the help link for apple didn't work at all sincebit says I'm not connected to the Internet. I am very mad and upset that I am close to giving up. Please help me how to get my iTunes store back :( it was working well a few days before and then that happens, I really want iOS 5. Thank you all.
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    Nov 29, 2009
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    You've probably done already this but try uninstalling itunes completely and reinstall it, check to see if your computer OS is up to date. also turn of any security software you may have. check for proxies. try accessing itunes store again.

    what you can also try to update to iOS 5 on another user on your computer. if that doesn't work, try another computer thats hardwired to the internet. Basic troubleshooting

    hope this helps

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