iTunes Store: Stuck on Review Your Payment Method Information Screen

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Dolorian, May 4, 2009.

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    The first thing leading to this frustrating experience with the iTunes Store was my attempt to download a free application into my 32GB iPod Touch. I have a mobile me account so I was signed into that in iTunes already. When I clicked on "Get App" I am asked to review my account information and was taken to the Payment Method Information screen, I fill out all the information, the store changes to my current country and then I am told that I can only use my account on the US store (why? perhaps because the account was first bought it a US account?).

    Fair enough, I change my country again to US, try again to get the free app and am taken once again to the Payment Method Information screen, but now my personal credit card won't validate because itunes puts US for my country and I can't change it there without going through the same cycle all over again. I went to the AppleID site, changed all the information there and I still get the same problem. I even tried to change the payment method to PayPal to no avail. I figured that my mobile me account must be locked to the US for some unknown reason.

    So I decided to create a new Apple ID using my gmail account, this time filling everything with the information for my present location. I had no problem creating it on the Apple ID site, so I go to iTunes, log out from the mobile me account and try to log in with the new Apple ID. I am told that the account has never been used with the iTunes Store, which is true, and then am asked to review my account info. iTunes then takes me to the welcome screen, license agreement page lands back again in the Payment Method Information screen! Why? I am not buying anything (yet) and if I want to download free apps, why should I provide my credit card info?

    So, I go ahead and fill all the credit card and address info click "Done" and over the last three days I have always gotten this message:

    “Payment processing is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

    It doesn’t work. I cannot download free apps or even buy apps from the iTunes store. I even wanted to buy the new iPod Touch Software (2.2.1) and when working with the mobile me account it told me that the item was not available on my country. On the new Apple ID I just can’t get pass the Payment Method Information screen to buy it. I have never been able to download anything from the iTunes store. I am using iTunes 8.1.1 and OS X 10.5.6.

    Sorry for the long message but quite frankly, this has been an incredibly frustrating experience and I was thinking about getting an 16gb iPhone 3G tomorrow and install some cool apps in it, but if it can't be done then it sort of takes away from some of the advantages of the iPhone and limits what I can get out of it and my iPod Touch.

    Any help is really appreciated!

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    Whew...I guess I am stuck with it. Tried it today and got the same message. So if I were to get an iPhone I would not be able to get apps for it (free or paid) nor even buy future OS updates. No thanks.

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