iTunes Sync/Backup/Restore - separate Apple ID's on one computer

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by TRICKorDEVICE, Aug 31, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    My family and I have always had separate iCloud/Apple ID's, but we used to share my Apple ID for App Store/iTunes. With the release of Apple Music, we got the family plan, and now everyone uses their own Apple ID for App Store/iTunes, and we rely on family sharing to share content.

    I have traditionally always backed up our devices to iTunes (encrypted) and iCloud. With the change to individual Apple ID's I've noticed error messages in backing up apps, which I assume would affect restores (I'm planning ahead for the next iPhone release and we always restore from backup on iTunes).

    In order to properly backup the devices to iTunes I went ahead and made my wife a separate iTunes library. So now in iTunes, I use her library and I sign into her Apple ID.

    It seemed to sync and backup fine last night, but I noticed she has nothing listed in the apps section on iTunes. This would seem to be a problem when I restore her new iPhone, as the phone won't have any local apps/assets to restore with. I believe the user data is stored in a separate file and then the app assets are stored locally on the machine.

    To avoid problems, should I download all apps that she has on her phone, to the PC? If I do that, will it store the apps in a separate area from my apps? Will this be duplicative? I would just add the apps to the library from my app folder, but I believe there would be an issue because my apps have been downloaded through my Apple ID.

    To summarize: my family has separate devices, but a shared PC, we want to be able to sync/backup to the same PC (and therefore restore from the same PC). But my wife's iTunes library is not populated with any apps she has downloaded through her account.

    I realize this is a long post, but it is a complicated and convulted issue, requiring much more information than the average iOS user. Any input is welcomed, especially if you have/do have your set up in the same way.
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    I have two Apple ID set for two regions. From time to time I need to update app bought in one region, both in Mac/Windows and iPhone. I also buy music from two different regions.

    In my experience, if you want your wife to access all apps, you need to purchase all of them again, whether paid or not, under her account. Doing so she will be able to restore iPhone with apps being downloaded and installed.

    If you want me to share experience of using multiple Apple ID, don't hesitate to reply. :)
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    Thanks for the quick response. I am so afraid of screwing up my iTunes library/account.

    Tonight I'll log out of my Apple ID, then close iTunes and then re-open iTunes with my wife's new iTunes library and her Apple ID. Then I'll re-get all of the apps she has on her phone (download them to the computer).

    I'll report back.

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