iTunes sync will lose all music on iPhone?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by inspirations365, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Small issue, everyone.

    So I noticed this weekend after buying some music in iTunes and syncing to my iPhone, that doing so will cause all music on my iPhone to be "lost".

    In, the entire app shows no music installed. This is weird, as looking at the device in iTunes, I should have most of the space taken up by music, and that's what it says.

    Ok, so I resync and a funny thing happens: The bar that shows space allocation on the device moves! It shows that I should have almost 8 GB free on the device as opposed to 1 GB that it shows after maybe 10 seconds! :eek:

    After trial and error (USB vs wifi syncing, quit iTunes, respring iPhone, etc.) I find that if I tell iTunes not to sync any music (thereby deleting all music from the device), and then re-check the box and sync my entire library back, everything goes the way it's supposed to. AND I have ~8GB leftover.

    TLDR; iTunes sync renders music on iPhone unavailable, must delete all music and resync to "fix". It's like the phsyical addresses aren't correct and so the music cannot be found by the device.

    Any suggestions? Some research has shown that this issue pops up every release of iOS or iTunes, so it's nothing new, but having to resync my entire library every time a new *song* purchase is made seems a bit much!
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    So the first question is....have you done a backup and full iphone restore?

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