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Aug 28, 2007
San Francisco California, USA
Just noticed this blurb, during an update of my iPhone apps....


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Sep 9, 2009
I reject this policy they are shoving down my throat...

1) I have the need to download apps while I am on frequent and prolonged trips to Canada, Germany and Japan. (D/L via WiFi if nessc).

2) I signed a 2 year contract with Apple and their agent AT&T.

3) These new "terms" shoved down my throat ("Apple Style"!) say that I can no longer download apps while outside the U.S.

So I have a 2 year contract with Apple, and they change their terms "on the fly" whenever they feel like it. GREAT! (By the way, in doing so they have breached their contract with me)

I've dealt with Apple for about 20 years now. The main theme I've seen with Apple (and Jobs, etc) is this:

"This is a wonderful line of products ... it is just too bad that a bunch of dictatorial total pricks are in charge of making it"

If I am unable to download from the App Store while I'm in Canada, Germany, or Japan I will jailbreak. Then I'll start tethering and doing any damn thing I want. I will simply go "hog wild" and toss the whole rule book out the window. Screw this.
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