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    Is it possible to rip music in iTunes so that it doesn't put the track markers in (i.e. to give one continuous piece of music), or so that when it plays back on a device or USB in a car there's no gap between songs?

    I listen to a lot of dance music, and sometimes my own DJ mixes and obviously the art is to mix the music so there's no gaps. Whether I buy pre-mixed CD's, or do my own there's always a small gap/pause as it moves from one track to the next which obviously interrupts the music.

    I'd rather have continuous playback but still with markers if that's possible, but if not I'd rather have one long track than having tiny breaks in.

    If this is not possible in iTunes is there software (preferably free) that can do this, and rip at high quality?

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    Found the answer, under options in the rip window select join CD tracks :) You need to select/highlight all the tracks first otherwise the join tracks option isn't there.

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