iTunes Trailers app not syncing between the iPhone & iPad app


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May 23, 2008
When I first downloaded the iTunes Trailers app, it used to sync my favorites between the iPad & iPhone it doesn't seem to except for once in a great while. Is anyone else having this problem?


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Nov 13, 2010
Vermont, USA
Same here

I have the same problem and have tried everything I could possibly think of to remedy the situation not limited to: deletIng and reinstalling g on both devices (several times), deleting data for the app from iCloud, rebooting, hard reset, turning iCloud document storage on/off on both devices etc. The best I have been able to achieve, since a short initial period where it seemed to work as it should, has been one way syncing from my iPad to my iPhone, but even that has stopped working. In fact, at one point I was able to add a particular movie to my favorites on my iPhone, and then when nothing changed on my iPad I manually added the same movie to my favorites on my iPad. Within a few seconds the the addition I had made on my iPad was pushed to my iPhone, which already had that movie in the favorites list resulting in duplicate movies in the favorites list on the iPhone, bu only the single movie on my iPad!?!? Deleting the movies from the iPhone still did nothing to the favorites list on my iPad. It is definately screwed up and doesn't bode well for iCloud document syncing if Apple can't even get its' own apps to function reliably. Pretty annoying. :confused:
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