iTunes - transcode on cd burn.... would be nice.

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    Hi all,

    I used to have an iPod connector in my old car but now have a company car that doesn't have one installed so i have had to revert to burning mp3 CDs.

    While this is fine there is one aspect of iTunes that gets on my nerves.

    When making a playlist i have to transcode a lot of songs to mp3 so that i can burn as an mp3 cd so as to fit more music on one disc. When you try to burn a disc with AAC or any other format present in your playlist it prompts a warning and then will not burn the playlist.

    Easy solution is to select the songs that are not mp3 in the playlist and transcode them using 'create mp3 version' tin the right click menu... thats fine, except i then have to clean up all the transcodes after the discs has burned so i dont have dupes in different formats....

    Whats more frustrating is that if i want to burn a new playlist with a song i have previously transcoded then deleted i have to go through the same process again!!

    So i came up with the idea that iTunes should be able to transcode on the fly when burning a cd as an mp3 cd.

    It already does a check to see if all the media is in mp3 format so why can't it then automatically transcode the songs to your selected mp3 bit-rate, etc and save to a temp folder, then ask if you wish to purge the temp folder upon completing the disc burn.

    What do you all think?

    Where do i suggest this feature to Apple??

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