iTunes tries to sync all my apps!

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    Oct 20, 2010
    So, I have a bit of a unique situation. I have an iPhone 4, and 2 computers. An iMac and a Macbook. I changed the iTunes library ID on my macbook to match that of my iMac so I can sync my phone to either computer in order to manage music. It works great, I've never had a problem. Recently however, I've been having some crazy issues with my apps.

    i have over 150 apps on my iMac, but I really only like to keep about 50 of them on my phone at any given time. So I go through and spend an hour or so, organizing all my apps into folders and such within iTunes. Then I sync my phone and go on about my day. No problem. If I then connect my phone to my Macbook, it will tell me that i have some items on my phone and would I like to transfer them to the macbook? Yes, sure do it. Works great. It transfers all of the apps that I didn't have on my macbook previously, and I can still manage all my music. But the next time I plug my phone in to my iMac and it tries to sync, it always always always tries to put every single effing app back onto my phone. It's so frustrating! I'd love to just manually mange all my apps, but that doesn't seem to be an option. So I'd love to have it where my new apps sync when I download them from itunes. Just add the new app when I download it. And once I delete it from my phone, let it stay off my phone until the next time I decide to check the little box next to it in itunes, indicating that i'd like to have it back on my phone. But now, every time I unplug my phone and plug it back in, itunes want to put every single app back on my phone and destroy my folders.

    Any ideas?
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    Oct 20, 2010
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    External iTunes

    I was having the same problem but with three computers, 2 Mac's & a PC. What I ended up doing was putting my iTunes library, EVERYTHING, inclulding the apps, on an external hard drive. I then created a symbolic link for the iTunes folder onto both of the macs, & just changed the ID file for the PC. I only sync my outlook address book and photos on the PC, so its set for manual management. This took about 36hrs total to setup because of the number of files involved, but after 2yrs of using the same settings, including reformatting my mini, and purchasing a new MBP, I haven't had a single problem. Only thing I can think of you doing, because technically, the two macs will have the exact same files for everything.

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