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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by InsideTJ, Mar 9, 2016.

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    I have noticed this issue on a few TV series I've purchased, but mostly with The Walking Dead. I've purchased every season pass of TWD since 2010. I have two AppleTVs (a 3 and a 4). When I select TWD from my ATV4's TV menu, it defaults to S1E1 every time, despite the fact that I've watched every episode through the latest (S6E11 I think). I have to scroll through S1 to S6 to get to the new episode. Last week I watched S6E11 on my ATV4, then this week I wanted to watch S6E12 and the ATV4 defaulted to S1E1.

    What is the expected behavior as far as ATV tracking what's next in this series? Is my issue that ATV does not think I've started S1E1 yet for some reason? Is there a trick to getting it to know which episode you should be expecting to watch next? I do jump between the ATV3 and ATV4, and for the most part they remember WHERE I left off in a specific movie or show, just not which TV episode should be up next.

    Any thoughts?
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    Good question. It's a pain in the butt to scroll through 9 seasons of a tv show that averages 23 shows per season just to get to the latest episode. When select a show the Apple TV takes me to an overview screen for that show (at the bottom is the horizontal scroll list of all the episodes). There is a more on iTunes button and play episode xxx button. I believe the play episode xxx button is intended to be the quick play the most recent episode you have not watched button however on my Apple TV it keeps defaulting to episode 107 which I have already watched a couple of times. I also noticed that if you select more on iTunes it will show you a list of the seasons available and if you have already purchased them you can select and go to that season from there which cuts down the scrolling.

    Regardless there has got to be a better way.
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    Are you removing from power when not in use?
    From what I've found on my ATV3 if I remove from power it puts me back to the start when I open the series so have to scroll.
    If I just leave it powered on but in standby then it's at the correct episode when I open the series.
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